As a “veteran” Recruiter (bridging the agency/ internal recruitment divide) and sourcing top top talent for some of New Zealand’s largest corporates over more years than most people realise – I know firsthand how important wellness is to thrive in our fast paced and demanding lives. I’ve powered through the relentless 60++ hour weeks, the competitive and sometimes toxic environments, the bullies, the pressure of “only being as good as your last placement” …….and lived to not only tell the tale, but still love what I do.

Over the years in the corporate world I’ve learned many things, had some unbeleivably hilarious moments, and worked with some amazing, talented people..  but the one thing that stands out, is that you have to take care of yourself first and foremost, in order to thrive.

Passionate about sharing knowledge and cultivating joy – I believe that everyone has the capacity (and the right) to feel joy, laughter, happiness, fulfilment, challenge, excitement and passion in their lives.

I’m a lifelong learner and over the years have undertaken a number of professional and personal development certifications; including Coach Training, Nutritional Healthcare, Medicinal Herbalism, and I’ve also earned my Reiki Practitioners Certification. I practice Reiki, work full time as a Recruitment Manager, read far too many books, enjoy gaming a little too much and too often, probably drink a little too much wine and generally try to have as much fun in my life as possible.

I’ve been writing and contributing to this site since 2007, and it’s had many iterations as I’ve learned and grown. When I reflect I can see that I gravitate back to writing when I need to inject creativity back into my life. When I was younger I had a burning desire to be heard and be understood, and whilst thats a pervasive life-theme for me, as I’ve grown I’ve become fascinated with the lives and stories of others. And storytelling in general!

So in short, this iteration of my self titled site may contain contemporary musings and ramblings, definitely lots of humour – and lashings of ginger beer. (….possibly wine, depending on the day/ time)

For the back catalogue you’re basically looking at the following: articles about wellness, recipes, motivation, change, courage, authenticity, being present, and musings on all things rad and fabulous in the world.