Because I’m HAPPPPPY

Ok this is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.. vid for Pharrell’s song ‘HAPPY‘ (which just makes you happy!) and also, link to him on the Oprah show reacting to people sharing that joy 🙂 …what a cool chap, and a beautiful song that brings people together as only music can do!

Well that was indeed a HOLIDAY!

It only took me the better part of 6 years to make it happen, but I finally took a break from work that wasn’t the forced shutdown period of xmas/NYs and was for the sole purpose of a new and exciting experience and destination, lasting longer than 5 days :p

We returned at the start of last week (stupid o’clock on Monday morning to be precise) after 2 weeks and 2 days in Thailand… and WHAT an experience! Ever since I wound my way back from my last big overseas trip (2007 – encompassing the states/ europe/ singapore and aus on the way back) I’ve wanted to spend a little time a decent length of time in South East Asia…

Thailand was everything I expected and more…. I’d done enough reading and research to have prepared/ packed and sorted myself pretty well, but there are definitely things I will do a little differently next time… (because there WILL be a next time!)

I’ve discovered that I am in actual fact pretty darn good at that whole relaxing/ slowing down the pace thing… I’ve even found myself just walking a little slower upon my return (and marvelling at others rushing around as I wandered down Queen Street on an overcast Monday afternoon strolling to pick up my new laptop)

Also: I still love taking pictures! One of the greatest joys I had was being able to really capture the look/ feel and moment of what we were experiencing.. and I shall definitely be doing more of this!

I missed real coffee, being able to flush toilet paper down the loo, being able to cook in my own kitchen… but thats about it. I didn’t mind the crowds (made for awesome people watching) I didn’t even really mind the hagglers and hasslers as you walked down the street, I fell in love with Mango Shakes, massages on the beach, warm breezes, scooter rides down crazy roads, the excitement of trying new food of unknown ingredients and/or origin, the sense of humour of the thai people, striking up random conversations with strangers (something I’ve always enjoyed when travelling) and the excitement of stumbling upon amazing beaches and restaurants…

I now want to spend a couple of months travelling through there… and I’ve been reminded of all the other places I want to see and experience.. the wanderlust has returned.. as has the almost constant questioning of why I always work so bloody hard!

Curiosity and joy are two of the most amazing things about being alive.


Things that are awesome

I love writing about things that are AWESOME, and I love writing lists. So here is a combination of two of my favourite things, about my favourite things:
1. Sunday mornings. Specifically sleeping in, or even just lying there in the sweet sweet knowledge that you don’t have to get up.


2. The moment in the last Harry Potter Movie (deathly hallows) where Harry, Ron & Hermione step out of the portrait & into the room of requirement – and everyone cheers & claps because they know the time for hiding is over, and it’s time to kick some magical butt.


3. Minions. These little twistie/ twinkie shaped friends bring me so much joy. I’ve watched Despicable Me and the minion movies so many times I’ve actually lost count. Even saw the second movie in 3D and it was AWESOME. I need me some minions.


4. The jelly legs and ‘ping ping ping’ you get after an awesome walk/run.. not to mention the endorphins. I love me some endorphins.


5. Ice cold, clear, fresh water.


6. Vineyard Lunches. I mean, seriously, is there anything better than this? Slow food, laughter, vino, friends… Magic.


7. The sound of birds chattering away. Especially in the mornings, where I imagine they’re either talking about the crazy dreams they had, or the party they were at last night. And especially Tui’s, they are my all time favourite NZ bird and every time I hear them getting down with their bad selves, I just can’t help but smile.


8. Spring time. This means daffodils, sunshine, tasty baby lambs (I heart meat) flowers and hope in the air. The world around us is lush and green and fabulous.


9. Waiheke Island. This little piece of heaven in the Hauraki Gulf is one of my spiritual homes.


10. Queenstown. If I had my way I’d live on the hill above the lake here, writing books, painting, making music and just getting paid for being awesome.


11. A good couch, and a great book. Not to mention a nice glass of red wine. Perfect combo on a Sunday afternoon…. Infact, I think I’ll pour a glass now.