Healing and joy, odd combo huh?

One of the most healing things you can do for yourself is to be still. Put your feet up, or leave them bare and put them on the grass.. and just. be. still. 

Feel the sun in your face. Notice the breeze. Listen. Acknowledge your thoughts but don’t follow them. Breathe. 

Healing and the modern world seem so at odds.. healing takes time, stillness, patience and connection – all the things that contemporary life abjures.

We all want to feel amazing but there’s this enforced ideal that we should be able to attain this without effort, quickly and conveniently. 

We’re disconnected, disenfranchised, dissatisfied and discombobulated by our modern lives. 

No wonder people feel lost.

When I was 11 I had this life theory… (surprisingly astute for someone who had barely reached double digits… but I was always a little deliciously weird) I decided that when we are born onto this earth, each of us has a piece missing. My eleven year old brain saw that everyone tried to fill this missing part of us with different things… 

Some people wrote music, some people surfed, some drank a lot, others turned to god. 

The truely unhappy people, as I saw it, tried to fill themselves up with just one thing, thinking that this ONE THING would make them whole again. 

But whether you fill yourself up with Jesus, with booze or with buying things it won’t work – because this ONE BIG THING can’t fill all the little spaces in ourselves. 

The secret to life, I believed, was to find all the little things that make your heart sing, to keep searching for the joy – even in the dark places…. because that is what makes us whole.

11-year-old-me was onto something I believe. 

So as I heal… slowing down and reconnecting with stillness, breath and all the messages I’ve been too busy to hear.. I’m rediscovering all the little parts of life that bring me joy. 

And there’s so much to discover. 

Every day matters.

It’s so easy isn’t? Getting caught up in the rhythms, pressures, habits, routines and perpetual motion of our every day lives…

And then one day you wake up, you’re clear headed, you stretch, take a deep breath and look around you – and you think to yourself: “wow, most of the year has gone already… so what have I done for myself with this time?”

Because thats what happens when we aren’t conscious and present each day – life passes us by, half the time we’re so busy thinking about the past, or worrying about the future and things that haven’t even happened yet, that we don’t see, feel, hear, taste or experience what is unfolding in this present moment.

We’re in a constant state of either ‘previewing’ or ‘reviewing’ our lives, instead of experiencing and enjoying this present moment. (as my fabulous friends often say!)

Sometimes its good to imagine – to look ahead and to visualise the life and the experiences that we want – this is part of the manifestation process after all – but before we do that, and before we can start to change our lives to what we’ve always dreamed – we need to be able to STOP, BREATHE and BE PRESENT in this moment.

A great way to cultivate this awareness is through taking a moment each day to think about all the things you are grateful for, for example:

  • I am able to enjoy sleeping in a comfortable, warm bed, put a roof over my head, create a home that I appreciate coming back to each day.
  • I appreciate my mind, my intellect – that I am able to listen to others, appreciate their points of view and have the ability to keep learning.
  • I have a strong body that carries me throughout the day, eyes that allow me to see beauty and appreciate my surroundings, and ears that allow me to hear music in every day life.
  • I have the most amazing group of people in my life and they truly inspire me in their unique ways.


This type of process is like exercising a muscle – the more you consciously do it, the easier and more natural it becomes.
In time you start to see the world through a different lens – not ‘rose tinted hippy glasses‘ as some people would have you believe – but with a new appreciation and wonder for everyday things. You start to realise how much you’ve missed over the years reminiscing/ ruminating – previewing/ reviewing – instead of just being… you come to a place where you can truly appreciate the goodness in your life.

The funny thing about the power of the human brain – whatever we focus on increases. So if you see and appreciate the goodness in your life – this is what you experience and draw to you.


Why does every day matter?
Theres a very famous quote that tells us “what you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it” and this is true no matter what sort of day you are having. Lets face it – we aren’t always going to have magical days where we find a pet unicorn, the barista sees us coming and has our favourite coffee ready to go, the lights are all green and the parking spot just outside the door suddenly appears…

In fact – some days are there to test us, to fray on our very last nerve – sometimes people are just rude, obstinate and aggressive – and there’s nothing we can do about how they choose to live their lives – but we can do everything about how we choose to live ours.


Exercise your positivity muscles – every day. 
When you climb into bed at night, do whatever you can to ensure you are in the right mental state to support and nourish you.

Even if you’ve had a sh*t day, holding on to that anger or worry only does you damage – and does nothing to change your situation.

Try writing down how you feel – letting the emotions out. If you can quieten your mind try meditating – or use a meditation app to guide you through if necessary. Escape into a book. Watch funny cat videos until your current state is laughter – you have the power to choose what you focus on. Use the force.


You have all the power in the world to change how you experience your life. 
And every day of your life is important – every day matters – because you have not only the ability, but the right to live the kind of life you want. It’s up to you.


A beautiful mindset…

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been… work days are so full of tidying up/ organising that all I want to do at the end of each day (or week) is disappear from the world and hibernate… it may have something to do with the temperature, but it has everything to do with winding up at work! I’m looking forward to my first ‘down time’ in 6 years and have grand plans of doing wonderful things for a couple of weeks that I don’t normally get to do (yoga classes during the day, pottering around the art gallery and long walks to name a few) before I start a new adventure…

In the past couple of weeks it feels like everyone on social media seems to be jumping on the positivity bandwagon, and it’s a glorious thing.. long may it continue… I’ve been a firm believer for some time that what you focus on becomes your reality, so it’s just wonderful to see people being conscious of the power of their thought.

I have also been reminded that even if you are feeling incredibly positive and excited about a big event, your body will certainly let you know there’s a bit of stress with that process as well.. it’s all very well trudging along with a smile on your face, but during times of upheaval its more important than ever to listen to your body.. (which is probably part of the reason I have tended towards hibernation of late) and realise that little things like meditation, rest, exercise and good healthy eating become more important than ever.

I love this quote and this way of thinking – when I wake up each morning this way of approaching life gets me focussed in the right direction to face the day..


Today I am Grateful for….

This is an exercise I try to do often, it helps me to be present in the moment, to appreciate my blessings and to be truly grateful for the goodness in my life – even if I am in the midst of the stresses of daily life….

today I am grateful for wonderful memories, deep/meaningful & gloriously silly conversations, for dancing around the house, walking along the beach, for shared bottles of wine, savoured meals, favourite songs, moments when nothing needs to be said to be understood, and moments where you feel you might explode for all the things you want to say/ share/ do.. I am grateful for those that challenge me, cherish me and chill with me. But most of all I am excited about creating even more moments to be grateful about.



Brian Andreas is a talented chap, with the ability to condense an incredible amount of emotion and imagery into just a few short sentences. This one is a recent favourite of mine – and resonates deeply.


Because I’m HAPPPPPY

Ok this is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.. vid for Pharrell’s song ‘HAPPY‘ (which just makes you happy!) and also, link to him on the Oprah show reacting to people sharing that joy 🙂 …what a cool chap, and a beautiful song that brings people together as only music can do!

Well that was indeed a HOLIDAY!

It only took me the better part of 6 years to make it happen, but I finally took a break from work that wasn’t the forced shutdown period of xmas/NYs and was for the sole purpose of a new and exciting experience and destination, lasting longer than 5 days :p

We returned at the start of last week (stupid o’clock on Monday morning to be precise) after 2 weeks and 2 days in Thailand… and WHAT an experience! Ever since I wound my way back from my last big overseas trip (2007 – encompassing the states/ europe/ singapore and aus on the way back) I’ve wanted to spend a little time a decent length of time in South East Asia…

Thailand was everything I expected and more…. I’d done enough reading and research to have prepared/ packed and sorted myself pretty well, but there are definitely things I will do a little differently next time… (because there WILL be a next time!)

I’ve discovered that I am in actual fact pretty darn good at that whole relaxing/ slowing down the pace thing… I’ve even found myself just walking a little slower upon my return (and marvelling at others rushing around as I wandered down Queen Street on an overcast Monday afternoon strolling to pick up my new laptop)

Also: I still love taking pictures! One of the greatest joys I had was being able to really capture the look/ feel and moment of what we were experiencing.. and I shall definitely be doing more of this!

I missed real coffee, being able to flush toilet paper down the loo, being able to cook in my own kitchen… but thats about it. I didn’t mind the crowds (made for awesome people watching) I didn’t even really mind the hagglers and hasslers as you walked down the street, I fell in love with Mango Shakes, massages on the beach, warm breezes, scooter rides down crazy roads, the excitement of trying new food of unknown ingredients and/or origin, the sense of humour of the thai people, striking up random conversations with strangers (something I’ve always enjoyed when travelling) and the excitement of stumbling upon amazing beaches and restaurants…

I now want to spend a couple of months travelling through there… and I’ve been reminded of all the other places I want to see and experience.. the wanderlust has returned.. as has the almost constant questioning of why I always work so bloody hard!

Curiosity and joy are two of the most amazing things about being alive.