Things that are awesome

I love writing about things that are AWESOME, and I love writing lists. So here is a combination of two of my favourite things, about my favourite things:
1. Sunday mornings. Specifically sleeping in, or even just lying there in the sweet sweet knowledge that you don’t have to get up.


2. The moment in the last Harry Potter Movie (deathly hallows) where Harry, Ron & Hermione step out of the portrait & into the room of requirement – and everyone cheers & claps because they know the time for hiding is over, and it’s time to kick some magical butt.


3. Minions. These little twistie/ twinkie shaped friends bring me so much joy. I’ve watched Despicable Me and the minion movies so many times I’ve actually lost count. Even saw the second movie in 3D and it was AWESOME. I need me some minions.


4. The jelly legs and ‘ping ping ping’ you get after an awesome walk/run.. not to mention the endorphins. I love me some endorphins.


5. Ice cold, clear, fresh water.


6. Vineyard Lunches. I mean, seriously, is there anything better than this? Slow food, laughter, vino, friends… Magic.


7. The sound of birds chattering away. Especially in the mornings, where I imagine they’re either talking about the crazy dreams they had, or the party they were at last night. And especially Tui’s, they are my all time favourite NZ bird and every time I hear them getting down with their bad selves, I just can’t help but smile.


8. Spring time. This means daffodils, sunshine, tasty baby lambs (I heart meat) flowers and hope in the air. The world around us is lush and green and fabulous.


9. Waiheke Island. This little piece of heaven in the Hauraki Gulf is one of my spiritual homes.


10. Queenstown. If I had my way I’d live on the hill above the lake here, writing books, painting, making music and just getting paid for being awesome.


11. A good couch, and a great book. Not to mention a nice glass of red wine. Perfect combo on a Sunday afternoon…. Infact, I think I’ll pour a glass now.


Appreciating what you have…

I do find it slightly ironic that if you’ve always been able to do something you can’t appreciate how good you are at it.

Take talking, for example.

Up until a few days ago I hadn’t appreciated just how much of a natural talent I had for articulating myself with the spoken word..

Add a bout of chronic laryngitis later and suddenly it’s a whole new ballgame!
I would settle for opening my mouth and having a recognisable sound come out at this point.. but it’s made me start thinking about a favourite phrase of mine:

“Have an attitude of gratitude”

So many people in my life use this phrase regularly and live this phrase every day.. and in my experience it’s those people that are the happiest. They take the time to count their many blessings, and in focussing on that – it grows.

So here’s a little exercise: Take a minute to mentally (or literally) create a list of the blessings you have.. [at the start of the exercise note how you feel] keep going through each of the things that you are greatful for in your life.. and then note how you feel when you are done.

Do this every day for a week. I guarantee that you will feel a shift, emotionally and spiritually – that you can use to move you forward in your life.

[You don’t even need to speak the words to make the change!]