I’ve officially reached that part in my healing journey where the intense FOMO is kicking in.

(Loosely translated as “fear of missing out, if there’s anyone reading wondering WTF I’m on about)

I’m thinking about a glass of Australian Shiraz in a manner more befitting an elixir of life, and I can feel my bottom lip sliding out like a petulant toddler at the insta and FB pics of people out and about doing cool stuff in the real world…… whilst I listfully gaze outside wondering how much more fun everyone is having than I.

In typical me fashion I’m grabbing hold of these thoughts and reshaping them into fuel for healing… and at the same time marvelling that I’m FOMO instead of just being exhausted and watching from afar with no desire/ energy to join in. Amazing what a difference a few weeks make.

It feels like catching glimpses of the person I’m becoming… someone not battling every day with invisible chronic illness, plastering a smile on her face and telling everyone “I’m okay”….

With the clarity of hindsight I’ve actually been FOMO the whole time these past 6+ years but simply too exhausted to focus on what I’m missing, expending all my energy reserves on just getting by.

The world seems flush with possibility as my energy fuel tank slowly refills…. where can I go now I’ve got the fuel to travel??


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