A beautiful mindset…

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been… work days are so full of tidying up/ organising that all I want to do at the end of each day (or week) is disappear from the world and hibernate… it may have something to do with the temperature, but it has everything to do with winding up at work! I’m looking forward to my first ‘down time’ in 6 years and have grand plans of doing wonderful things for a couple of weeks that I don’t normally get to do (yoga classes during the day, pottering around the art gallery and long walks to name a few) before I start a new adventure…

In the past couple of weeks it feels like everyone on social media seems to be jumping on the positivity bandwagon, and it’s a glorious thing.. long may it continue… I’ve been a firm believer for some time that what you focus on becomes your reality, so it’s just wonderful to see people being conscious of the power of their thought.

I have also been reminded that even if you are feeling incredibly positive and excited about a big event, your body will certainly let you know there’s a bit of stress with that process as well.. it’s all very well trudging along with a smile on your face, but during times of upheaval its more important than ever to listen to your body.. (which is probably part of the reason I have tended towards hibernation of late) and realise that little things like meditation, rest, exercise and good healthy eating become more important than ever.

I love this quote and this way of thinking – when I wake up each morning this way of approaching life gets me focussed in the right direction to face the day..


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