Passionate about cooking, baking, crafting culinary experiences and adding my own twist to things, creating in the kitchen is something I’ve always enjoyed. I’m that person who can look at your fridge, peruse your cupboard, raid the neighbours herb garden and come up with a delicious meal out of whatever is there. Here I’m sharing my favourite creations, along with some of the learning I have gained from studying nutritional healthcare and medicinal herbalism.

I believe that the more we know about the origins, preparation, medicinal and health benefits of our food – the better choices we can make about our nutrition. Healthy food that nourishes you is delicious – and should be straightforward and rewarding to prepare.

Over the past 18 months I have steadily been moving towards a more plant based/ wholefoods diet, cutting out all meat except fish by the end of 2014. In early July 2015 I had some confronting health news, and was informed by my specialist that I needed to have invasive surgery to treat a condition that (to this day) has no known cause.

This didn’t add up for me – how does cutting out a part of your body ‘treat’ something, when you don’t actually know what causes it?

Rather than take the surgical route, I decided to put my health where my mouth is – and I have since gone dairy-free, and incorporated what I would say is a 97% vegan diet. (ie I will occasionally have salmon, honey or an egg) I imagine that in time (for both ethical and nutritional reasons) I will be 100% vegan.

The good news? I feel great. I’ve avoided the need for surgery… and I did it all through my diet. Food is medicine! Tasty, tasty medicine.

….so for anyone who enjoys the pleasure of fabulous food – I hope you enjoy making my recipes as much as I do!

(NB: all recipes can be found in the drop down ‘categories’  menu on the right hand side, under foodie and/ or recipes)

spicy thai chicken

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