Lists aren’t just for organising..

Everyone has heard the phrase: ‘count your blessings’ – that’s a crude way of saying that what you focus on becomes bigger. Thoughts become things. But how do you get into that mindset? How do you shift your focus so that you see all of the goodness in your life, and stop focusing on the negative things?


One of the tools I love for this is making a list of THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME. This is a simple thing that takes just a couple of minutes of your day, and can leave you feeling absolutely marvellous.


Heres my list for today:

Things that are awesome: vogels toast with avocado and marmite * reading a book with an amazing storyline that you keep thinking about * snuggling up in white linen on a lazy Sunday morning * well organised closets * singing in the shower  * discovering new tv shows several years after everyone else and getting to binge-watch * getting the urge to write and paint again  * making holiday plans * making winter dinner party plans and the thought of busting out the slow cooker again * Sunday baking sessions * making lists about things that are awesome…


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