Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls/ Tahini Dipping Sauce

This is another dish that doesn’t need a great deal of instruction, but there are some tips and tricks to make these look and taste amazing….

1. Being OCD with your prep is a good thing. Invest in a good knife. Think Julienne style and you are on the right track.

2. Cut all your ingredients the same uniform shape and size… and line them up production style before you get going.

3. Make sure the water you use for the rice paper is warm but not hot – think just above lukewarm and you’ll be about right. You will need to re-do the water about half way through.

4. Pop the completed rolls straight on the dish you will serve them on. No point faffing about transferring at the end…. by the time you are done you’ll be so hungry you don’t want to mess about.

5. Good dipping sauces are key – again, have these ready before you start the rolls so you can serve straight away…. these are best served super fresh.

6. Don’t be too rough when you’re rolling them up, they’re easy to break. When you’re rolling make sure everything is lined up uniformly… put the vegies in the middle, about 3/4 across the rice paper closer to you… Roll away from your body. When you’ve rolled everything up about 1.5 times, pull the edges in so you can keep rolling with these tucked in. Keep rolling till everything is tucked up neatly – it will self-seal.

Chicken or Fish (could even use tinned salmon or smoked salmon if you like, I often use peri peri smoked chicken)
Capsicum (range of colours looks and tastes amazing)
Snow peas (optional but I love these)
Snow pea shoots (likewise, a personal preference but can make them tricky to eat)
Zucchini (raw zucchini is highly underrated imo, again not essential)
Coriander (makes the dish imo, if you don’t like coriander you might try basil or even chives)
Go wild…. if it’s a vegie that cuts well and you love it… give it a whirl..

Most of all this is just a fun, healthy dish to make… So enjoy!

Tahini Dipping Sauce
Organic tahini/ teaspoon crushed garlic/ juice of half a lemon/ dash of sea salt and cracked pepper/ cheeky dash of chilli if you are so inclined – then just whirl this up in your blender. Once mixed, just keep slowly adding water to it, so it becomes a dipping sauce rather than a paste. The colour will lighten up too so you know you’re on the right track.

Bonus: Chilli Ginger Dipping Sauce
Fresh ginger/ one fresh chilli (I leave the seeds and membrane of the chilli as I like the heat, remove if you want it milder) add this to soy, dash of olive or sesame oil, dash of oyster sauce to add to the richness, and finely cut spring onion to finish. I do this in the blender too but you could mix with a hand whisk if required.


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