The Cult Of Celebrity/ Looking To Celebs For Lifestyle Advice?

More and more of these lifestyle books/style guides/cookbooks/cum-how-to-guides by celebrities seem to be published year on year, as this infamous ‘cult of celebrity‘ gains yet more traction….

So why do we buy this stuff? How come a book with a famous face or ‘personality’ seems to whizz right to the top of the best seller list? And how does a celebrity (who has a ton of stylists, personal chefs, trainers and image-makers) suddenly become an expert themselves?

What bugs me about this trend is that half the stuff people talk about simply isn’t attainable in day to day life.. we don’t have personal trainers, chefs, interior designers, or unlimited dollars for a wardrobe makeover etc…. so when people read this goop (intentional reference) they are buying more and more into an unattainable ‘ideal’ lifestyle. And perpetuating the cycle of ‘I wish I had/if only I was’ instead of learning to appreciate what we already have.

The key to breaking this trend is firstly, I believe, to become aware of it. To realise that ‘modern life’ has become this hamster wheel of bombardment with images of ‘beauty’, glamour, lifestyle, saturating our daily lives until our visual brains and impressionable souls start to think this is the norm… then continuing this barrage of stimuli that tells us ultimately: ‘if you only looked like this… had these things… you would be happy, you would be valuable – you would be loved’…

As someone who struggled with this system of belief, manifesting as an eating disorder that dictated my life for over 6 years… it bugs me that a so-called ‘celebrity’ can publish a book telling other people how they should live their lives if they want to be happy.

Happiness is within us all. There is no magic formula to fit everyone. One size doesn’t fit all folks…. and you aren’t going to find fulfilment with a new pair of shoes, a flashy car, or a bigger house than your neighbour.

Sure, these things are fun… hell I’m a shoe-girl myself, and I love nice things… but as I grow, and seek out the perspective I need to evolve and be fulfilled and joyful as a human being, I realise that so much of that stuff we’re desperately trying to attain, the things we’re going into debt for to GET, simply don’t cut it.

So if you knew you had the power to change your life…… what would you do?


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