Lifestyle changes/ eating for health..

Reading through this list of heathy eating cafès published in the Herald today (not an exhaustive list by any means but still good selection) it does truly seem like Auckland is cottoning on to healthy, tasty eating…. There does seem to be a bit of a movement of this lately, and it’s been one of my (slow burning) passions for many years so it’s great to see some dialogue and energy behind this. (Am I just noticing this because I’m getting back into it, or is it truly changing?)

Since my health issues in 2012, and subsequent changes in my body since then (read: weight gain due to heavy doses of hormones, ongoing issues with my body dealing with a temp “fix” device pumping yet more hormones into my body each day) I’ve been trying to find the right balance to get myself back to optimum health…

Through the changes in my diet and lifestyle I’ve noticed that I’m not as susceptible to colds/viruses as I once was… or if I start to get sick I can generally knock it before it takes hold. This in itself would be reason enough to make the simple changes I have… but as I’m on a bit of a journey at present, there’s more to come!

Through my years of coaching and working in the recruitment industry I’ve noticed the common theme that everyone is looking for in their life is balance. (namely a career that provides challenge and opportunity to grow, whilst supporting you financially and allowing adequate leisure time and the ability to enjoy new experiences..) this is the holy grail right?

But it all begins with balance.

We can’t expect that our lives will change if we keep doing the same things that we have always done. It’s not rocket science – it’s logic. You need to change the ingredients or the inputs, to achieve a different result.

One if the easiest ways to change your life is to adjust your lifestyle – make some very real decisions about your inputs and ingredients. It can be the food you eat, the alcohol you imbibe, the fresh air and exercise you experience from day to day – or the people you spend your time and energy with/on.

You can’t make massive changes overnight, there’s always a period of adjustment, and that’s OK. Some of the things that have worked for me, which I will keep doing and refining are:
– Cutting down/ cutting out alcohol (seems a no brainer, right?)
– Cutting down/cutting out sugar/ refined and processed food (amazing how your body responds after the initial detox period)
– Increasing exercise (a lot of this is just finding out what works for you, for example gyms are not for me, but for some that’s perfect)
– Increasing organic/ wholefoods and vegetables in my day to day diet (had a huge impact for me personally)

The Herald article talked about healthy eating cafés really working because they haven’t compromised on taste, and this resonates with me… no one in their right mind (??) wants to eat dry, tasteless bird seed.. and you don’t have to. Cooking can be an absolute joy – with inspiring ingredients and unreal flavour and taste experiences.. food that nourishes you. <3


Buddha Bowl

No wonder everyone is so confused….

New year – new you! We hear this phrase so often at this time of year…. people thinking it’s a good time to turn over a new leaf, set goals, get in shape….. and it is. Except the media makes it so much harder than it needs to be. Case in point – the snip below from the life & style section of the NZ Herald – harking on about obesity in one column, and listing three EXTREMELY unhealthy recipies with mouth watering images right next to it…. Yeesh! No wonder people are confused!



Hungry for change

Not long ago I watched a fabulous little doco called “hungry for change” – which happened to come into my life as I’d already been making some different lifestyle choices around diet, and trying to reduce the amount of chemicals I expose myself to through processed food, body products and cleaning products..

What this awesome little doco does is paint a very real picture of how little we do in modern day society to support ourselves feeling healthy & vital.. and how our current lifestyle goes against our very nature. Really interesting stuff.

It’s amazing what happens when you cut down on things like sugar and refined carbs in your diet, and start eating natural.. you have more energy, a strengthened immune system, you sleep better, concentrate longer.. it’s just magic!

It’s not really realistic to cut ALL of this from your everyday life… but it’s truly remarkable what even small changes can do for you… and how those small changes lead to other small changes..

Would totally recommend this doco, link to the trailer is here