Hurtling towards the finish line…

2010 – what a year. If you had tried to tell me this time in 2009 that I would be where I am right now it would have quite literally gone in one ear and out the other… and as I sit here on my sick bed *cough cough* (yet again! second time this year dammit!) and I have FINALLY had a chance to stop and reflect on these past 12 months 11 months the verdict is: all over the show.

Seriously. I’ve gone from great periods of bursting energy, massive amounts of writing, artistic endeavours, all-singing all-dancing to periods of barely keeping my head above water and barely keeping my (usually extremely high) levels of motivation at a sustainable level. I think if one phrase comes to mind at all about 2010 its: “a complete lack of balance”

Which for anyone is not a good thing – but for someone like me, who takes pride in consistency – it’s been a shocker.

I’ve been counting my blessings – whilst work has completely dominated my life (thus the lack of balance) for the better part of this entire year – I have been extremely lucky to be going through this level of intensity with an equally commited, professional, consistent and reliable team of people. It’s just not so bad when you realise you’re ‘all in it together’.

But as the year draws to it end… as we hurtle towards the finish line for 2010 – it’s a natural time of reflection. And for me it’s about taking the time to analyse what did and did not work for my personally and professionally across the year.

Next year my goals will be around BALANCE. And the pursuit of those things that matter most to me – I won’t feel this insane need (hopefully) to over-acheive at work and prove myself over and over again. And I might just have the opportunity to start utilising a fraction of my skills and talents as the world starts to recover from the GFC and businesses get savvy and creative about their people.

For now: it’s time to actually STOP and concentrate on getting rid of this dreaded lurgy… so I can end 2010 with a BANG.. and start 2011 as I mean to continue… 😉

Everyday beginnings

Did you ever wake up one day, and realise that while you were busy going about your life – literally MONTHS had passed you by?

Did you catch up with someone you hadn’t seen for a while, and have them ask you what you’ve been doing — only to have a complete mental blank?

Life is what happens when you’re not paying attention… I think I read that somewhere.. so what HAVE you done lately?

– Read an interesting book?
– Learned something new?
– Bought yourself something really special?
– Took someone you love out for a beautiful meal?
– Started a new exercise regeime?
– Found a new band/ new music?


What have you done lately that EXCITES you? Lethargy breeds lethargy.. if you’re in a funk.. shake it up! Change your state.. open your mind – do something different!

Winter is fast approaching and if you’re feeling a little low on energy now – how will you feel when it’s cold and grey?

The best time to start anything new is right now


How’s your fuel tank today?

Inspiration is ‘LIFE FUEL’. It drives you to make things happen.. rather than sitting back and reacting to whatever crosses your path.

If you could tap into that inspiration and make it work for you – what could you accomplish?

Coaching harnesses your personal life passions and helps you direct that energy to drive change.
Have you ever taken the time to sit down and create a list of the things that inspire you? The things in your life that give you a ‘buzz’ – make you feel warm inside – laugh out loud and smile with wild abandon?

Try it.

Spend ten minutes articulating all the things that bring you happiness. By focussing on these things for just ten minutes – feel what happens inside you… the warmth that occurs – the smile that appears.

Now: how would it feel to have more of that in your life? What would that life look like? Imagine living each day doing the things that inspire you and bring you joy! How much would it mean to you to have a life filled with energy and inspiration? What do you need to do to have that life?

People often make drastic life changes after a major life event – such as an illness, break up, loss of a loved one or accident – but why wait for this? If you spend time identifying your passions and inspiration you can start to achieve the life you want now.


Get a wriggle on!

Boost your energy!

As we head back to work after the holidays, many of us notice a dip in energy levels and enthusiasm… it doesn’t have to be that way. Whats the point of taking time out if you fall back into the same patterns that had you hitting the wall in last year?

So why not do some simple things to boost your mood?

FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF – we are own harshest critic, so with that in mind why not take some time to focus on what you do like about yourself? Try writing down 10 things you like about yourself and creating some actions around playing up those fabulous features?

For example:

– I have beautiful eyes – Treat yourself to some new eye makeup to highlight that feature

– I am a great writer – create a blog or send some of your work in to get published

Playing up or focussing on your good points leaves less time for negative or unrealistic comparisons to others – and it really puts a spring in your step!


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE – take stock of the people you are spending time with, and notice how you feel during and after you see them. If you feel drained or negative from interacting with them make a choice to spend less time with them! When you want to get happy and positive it’s much easier to do so when you surround yourself with like-minded people.


TAKE A MINI-BREAK – you deserve it! And it’s not too early to plan this – infact it will give you something to look forward to.

If you live in the country – plan a trip to the city! If you are a city-dweller and can’t remember the last time you sat on a beach or went for a walk in nature then make it happen. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all – in fact with a little planning you may find you can borrow someone’s beach house, or house-sit their apartment in the city for free!

A weekend break from your routine could be just what you need to shake up your energy levels.


DO SOMETHING NEW & EXCITING – why not do something you’ve never done before? Grab a positive friend or family member and organise an experience away from your normal routine. It’s up to you – you could try ice skating, or indoor rock climbing, do a wine tasting evening or take a cooking class – the possibilities are endless.


LET IT OUT – Negative thoughts and emotions will fester away inside you if you have no outlet. If you have a negative situation that is taking up your thoughts and eating away at your energy – why not deal with that in a positive way?

Talk to a person you may have fallen out with and try to resolve you differences and move on. Or if that’s not an option why not create a journal and write down how you feel? It’s a positive and personal way of releasing your thoughts and emotions. Or why not try your hand at poetry or music? Painting or pottery?


You can start to feel better about yourself and happier each day by doing little things for yourself – you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.. The fact you are even reading this far shows that you are ready to take control of your life.. So go out and make it happen – you deserve it.