Little wisdoms

After catching up with a friend yesterday over breakfast, we got on to the topic of negative self-talk, and how utterly devastating this can be for your self-worth. It also reminded me of a fantastic little book I stumbled upon called ‘fast food for the soul‘ by Barbara Berger.

I’m constantly amazed by what you ‘stumble upon’ when you make a conscious decision to change your life, and in this ‘easily digestible’ little book what I found echoed my personal realisations about self-talk, and reiterated how powerful this message was to share with my coaching clients.

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny” – this is one of my favourite quotes and something I believe very strongly. Reading this book of little wisdoms is a great reminder of the power of your thoughts – and your ability to harness them as a tool for change.

Barbara’s website can be found here – and the book can either be purchased on her site or through Amazon. I stumbled across the book at my local library… so really there’s nothing stopping you ‘checking it out’..