Why ‘goal setting’ doesn’t work..

This is an interesting title for an article written by a Success Coach! So let me explain what I mean… I have had many goal setting sessions with managers over my years in the corporate world.. and as much as I appreciated that my manager was taking the time to ‘look forward’ with me – it just didn’t work.

Ultimately, the goals we were setting were too much like KPIs to be inspiring, powerful and therefore DESIRABLE to me. If you are a manager who wants to deepen your relationships with your staff – to become a mentor rather than just a ’score-keeper’ then it’s vital you know about powerful, effective goal setting. As Thomas J Leonard wrote in his book – ‘The Portable Coach’: “Competency is no longer some great lofty thing to aspire to; it has become the floor, or even subfloor, of professional success. It’s the starting point, not the goal”.

Whether you are a manager going through performance appraisal time, or an employee planning your next 6-12 months – powerful goal setting will set you on an inspiring and challenging path for the future.

For goal setting to be powerful and effective – it must combine your passions and your values. It’s worthwhile spending time uncovering this because these are the true DRIVERS of our natural behaviour. Goals that don’t fit with this are not nearly as attractive.

Once you understand your personal drivers – you can start thinking BIG about where you want to be. A goal takes you further but it needs to be something you actually WANT to acheive – rather than a prescribed outcome for a specific role – goals are personal.

There are a myriad of resources for managers and employees to use; a simple google search will uncover many sites offering free advice on goal setting. You can wade through that information – or – you can employ the services of a Life Coach to get you underway today.