One the most effective and tangible ways to combat stress & fatigue is the use of meditation in your day to day life…

It’s a way to calm and focus the mind, reconnect with the body and remind ourselves to be PRESENT in our lives.

And it’s easier than you’d think to get started.. I used to meditate a lot when I was younger, and really enjoyed meditation as part of yoga practice.. I wanted to bring this back to my life again, but really struggled initially…

Isn’t it always the way..? When you most need to calm yourself/ slow your mind you end up winding yourself up more with thoughts of: “am I doing this right? how come I can’t still my thoughts? did I get any meat out for dinner? crap! I forgot to call that client!”

So, ever the organiser and seeker of more efficient and effective approaches to everything, I stumbled upon an easy way to get back into, or start bringing meditation into your life: download a guided meditation audio, or a meditation app from iTunes.

Seriously – they work. I use the apps and they are great.

I have one that I can set for anywhere from 7-15 minutes that’s designed for a work break, a sleep app that has specific guided meditations for insomniacs like myself, and a specific app for ‘simply being’.. it’s wonderful actually.

One of the biggest barriers people put up about meditation is not having the time or space to do it.. the guided mediation creates a space through sound and music – and honestly if you don’t have 7 minutes to spend on yourself there is a serious issue.

Meditation has been proven to help concentration and even boost creativity – but the biggest benefit I get from this personally is the ability to be present – and not caught up in the noise and irrelevant stresses and dramas of day to day life. I feel like I am calmer, and I have better energy to put out into my world – which means I’m getting awesome stuff back.

Even if you do this 5 minutes a day, for 10 days… you will notice the change. Such a small investment for such tangible returns..