Hungry for change

Not long ago I watched a fabulous little doco called “hungry for change” – which happened to come into my life as I’d already been making some different lifestyle choices around diet, and trying to reduce the amount of chemicals I expose myself to through processed food, body products and cleaning products..

What this awesome little doco does is paint a very real picture of how little we do in modern day society to support ourselves feeling healthy & vital.. and how our current lifestyle goes against our very nature. Really interesting stuff.

It’s amazing what happens when you cut down on things like sugar and refined carbs in your diet, and start eating natural.. you have more energy, a strengthened immune system, you sleep better, concentrate longer.. it’s just magic!

It’s not really realistic to cut ALL of this from your everyday life… but it’s truly remarkable what even small changes can do for you… and how those small changes lead to other small changes..

Would totally recommend this doco, link to the trailer is here