…and that, my friends, was 2010

What a huge year – full of upheaval, change, challenge, laughter, sunshine, rain, music and lots and LOTS of cooking. I have some big plans for 2011 and it’s already shaping up to be an interesting year…

This is always a natural time for reflection and goal setting – and I would much rather people set goals, than berated themselves with ‘new years resolutions’

Why? Resolutions fall into the “Oh god, I should (start doing/stop doing) *insert action here* ”

A “should” isn’t a goal – it’s not exciting, tangible, realistic OR acheiveable.. and thats why people get so guilty when the ‘resolution’ falls to the wayside..

So this year, if you please, start setting some GOALS for yourself… (rather than slightly drunken promises!) and as a new year present I’m even going to post up some of my tips for effective goal setting…

But first: I am off to start cooking for a big boxing day picnic, and then we are off on our summer holiday road trip. Were the very tangible, exciting and realistic goals I have set for myself are: relaxation, much book reading, laughter, music, dancing, hugs, and feeling the sun on my face and a sea breeze in my hair.

•°o.O(happy holidays)O.o°•