The I-generation

A while ago I read an article that spoke about the rising instance of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and the trappings of modern society that are fueling this.

They coined it quite well, I thought, when they called it the i-generation!

It made me think of some (both half-formed and well-formed) opinions and ideas I have about social media, youth, and the rise of pop-stars-as-heroes… I could write a whole book about this stuff, but the point of this post is simply to make you start to think and question for yourselves.


Some key points:

  • The rise of Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram et all..
  • The constant need to post images & narrative of our lives..
  • The rise of the ‘cult of celebrity’..
  • Young people growing up listening to music that calls women ‘bitches’ and preaches the gospel of greed/ take it all/ have it all…
  • Young people subjected to a definition of success as outlined by advertising and the media..
  • Teachers and mentors too afraid (needing to conform/ be PC) to speak up and guide young people, and parents blind to the behavior of their ‘little angels’..

…well, you get the picture. And it’s a big topic (one I’ll surely write about again) but this article did make me think.. and I hope it does that for you too. They summed it up nicely at the end when they said:

“In the meantime perhaps we can stop seeing celebrities as role models, take a break from Facebook and give our egos a well-deserved rest”

Link to full article here.