Beauty: a delicious and wild tangent….

I saw this picture today and as ever, it set my mind off on wild delicious tangents… (Every mind should experience the joy of a wild delicious tangent!)

A few years ago we were all about asking that question “so if you had to lose one or the other, would you choose to lose your sight, or your hearing?” (Heck of a conversation changer, if you want to skip small talk and get on a wild delicious tangent, that’s an interesting place to start)

Of course no one ‘wants’ to lose any of their senses, and those that live that truth lead challenging lives indeed – the purpose of the question is to get people to think outside their day to day known experiences and to challenge their assumptions so they can perceive things that are important to them.

On one side: retain your hearing, lose your sight. These people were naturally very kinaesthetic (although not necessarily aware of this) they spoke not only of their love of music, birdsong, hearing the ocean, babies laughing etc… But that they could still feel the sun on their face – and imagine a clear blue sky. They could dip their fingers in cold clear river water, and feel the flow of the current – hearing the movement and seeing in their mind the water dancing over the rocks.

On the other side, retain your sight, lose your hearing. These were the artists, the writers, the painters. The people who felt an image did paint a thousand words, and that they would hear music when they looked at something beautiful.

But what is beauty?

This image is the kind of thing I love to share… In a world where we seem to be driven by a certain aesthetic, where a woman’s ‘worth’ still seems to hinge so deeply on her visual appeal, we need to ask ourself these kinds of questions.

We need to challenge the visual propaganda, ask ourselves often and loud what really matters to us, and let our minds wander off on delicious and wild tangents, so we can find what’s within the soul of us all.


What you focus on becomes your reality

  • How do you feel right now?
  • What are the thoughts that are running through your head?
  • What’s on your mind in this moment?

If you are thinking about and focussing on situations that are upsetting or annoying to you right now – then they will cloud your emotions and your reactions to your day. You have the power to decide what you spend time thinking about. It doesn’t mean burying the bad or challenging things that might be happening in your life right now – it means accepting them, and when you do think about them to focus instead on what you can do to change the situation.

Decide to think positively.

When I have this conversation I often get the response: “It’s all very well to tell someone to ‘think positively’ but for some people it’s just not that easy!” Well – you can do it – everyone can with a little practice – and when you learn to listen to your thoughts and consciously decide to change them you will notice a difference in the way you act and RE-act every day.

The first step is to be aware of negative thoughts – such as putting yourself or others down or thinking ‘that will never change’ or ‘I can’t do it’ – NOTICE these thoughts and tell yourself “STOP!”. Say it strongly. Mean it. Decide to stop thinking those thoughts. It may feel odd but with practice it really works.

Consider this as ‘training’ for your mind – you are getting back the power to decide the direction of your thoughts. As Barbara Berger tells us in ‘Fast Food for the Soul’ – “there is no one else in your mind” – so you decide what to focus on. If you have a negative monologue 24 hours a day 7 days a week – how do you think the world will look and feel to you with those kinds of filters?!

If you wake up each morning and tell yourself it’s going to be a GREAT day, that you expect good things to happen – you will notice those good things readily because you are open to them, you can see them ….a normally busy and ‘gruff’ colleague smiles at you and says hello, there’s no line when you go the cafe for your morning coffee… You smile at people on your way to work and they smile back… wow that positivity is catching!

You can start today and literally change the way the world looks and feels to you. Imagine how you will feel when you start to realise that you are in control of your world… it’s powerful stuff! You have already started – by choosing to listen to yourself.