Signs you need some ‘me time’

We all experience the ups and downs of daily life, and some days will naturally be tougher than others… but how do you know you’ve really had enough, and it’s time to step back and take some time out for yourself? If you are experiencing two or more of the below, then it might be time to book in some annual leave ASAP and get the hell outta dodge:


1. You have no patience
We often feel like we’re rushing around in our busy modern lives, but when you find yourself steaming mad, smoke coming out of your ears because of some niggly little everyday thing that’s taking TOO BLOODY LONG it might be time to step back for a little perspective…


2. Everything seems niggly & annoying
Speaking of things that make us mad… actually if most of the things you do and experience during your day wind you up/ really grind your gears… the reality is it’s probably got more to do with you than with the rest of the world..


3 You’re tired but you can’t sleep
You find yourself lying awake again, counting the minutes and hours on an imaginary clock, or worse yet picking up your mobile phone to check how long it’s been since you last checked how long you’ve been lying there… and it’s not any one thing that you’re musing over because, well, it’s everything….


4. Your body is aching
Phantom aches and pains, sore shoulders, clicking backs…. stomach aches, eye aches, everything aches! It might be a sign of your age but more likely it’s a product of your environment and the pressures you are carrying with you, emotional baggage and little angers are heavy, man.


5. Your head is aching
You can’t think straight because you’ve been carrying around a headache that’s barely kept at bay by the magical elixir of Nurofen… but that’s the point, the headache isn’t going away no matter how many pills you pop and it’s not normal to wake up feeling like warmed up dog poo. Just because you’ve gotten used to feeling like crap, doesn’t mean it’s normal or right.


6. You can’t muster enthusiasm for catching up with friends or family
Infact, if anyone invites you to another ‘thing’ or talks about how they never see you anymore, you’re going to flush your mobile phone down the loo. Never mind the guilt you’ve created all by yourself for not spending time with your loved ones… you can’t take it if they bring it up too. You don’t know whether you’re mad or teary about this. So many feels.


7. Getting out of bed is tough
Leaving the wonder and majesty of a warm and comfy bed is difficult at the best if times, but if you find yourself snoozing till you have no time to bathe and/or brush your teeth before taking off like a bat out of hell for the morning commute… It might be a sign you either A) hate your job, or B) need a break, or C) a little of both.

There are a million reasons you can create to tell yourself you can’t take some time off/time out, but there are equally as many reasons (if not more) to make this happen. Even a short break can reset your batteries, though the longer the better.

(The irony is, about 3/4 of the way through this break you couldn’t take, you’ll lament not arranging just a couple of days more…. )


Sometimes we just need a reminder that life is actually pretty bloody fantastic, and if we aren’t getting joy from how we’re living our lives, perhaps it’s time we changed that.