Changing it up, for a change.

Once upon a time I methodically broke my site down into wellness/ reiki and food/ recipe stuff.. I was trying to be useful to others rather than necessarily giving myself a place to write down my thoughts and ideas. But I don’t want to run a site – I basically want to express myself in an electronic time capsule.

In some circles what I’m doing here is called “blogging”, and in other circles (likely the more fun ones, where there’s wine and perhaps marshmallows on stick around an actual fire..) this is called “ranting”.

Whilst I’m known to wave an imaginary stick in the air and yell “get off my lawn!” from time to time, I’m actually a pretty happy human, and less prone to ranting than you’d think. So for want of a witty catch-all phrase for this part of the site we’ll title the published pieces “blog/ rant”. 

Perhaps in time I’ll find something better, but since this is technically “talking to yourself on the internet” I guess it doesn’t really matter.

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