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I’m a Recruitment Manager with over 16 years experience, and have worked for some of New Zealand’s largest employers, so career coaching and employment/recruitment play a big part in my life. In addition, I’m also a certified Reiki Practitioner as well as being a passionate foodie and wellness advocate.

With a particular penchant for process, technology and all things slightly geeky and/or nerdy, I try to bring a mix of creativity, empathy, innovation and technology to what I do.

• I love making lists • focusing on the positive • being pragmatic • reading • learning • singing in the shower (singing anywhere to be fair, but bathrooms have fabulous acoustics) • baking • cooking whilst singing • creating • dancing till my feet hurt • skipping • lying in the sun • making up ridiculous songs and/or changing the lyrics of existing songs to suit my mood or the occasion • organising things • meditating • enjoying lazy brunches or extended lunches • cats & kittens • puppies & dogs • squirrels • gaming (especially zompoc) • rain • beaches • trees • growing things •  white lillies • painting • sand in between my toes or grass under my feet • colouring in • blanket forts • coffee in bed • white linen • comfy boots • french manicures • colourful pedicures • travelling (New York, New Orleans, Venice & Koh Samui are still favs) • having ridiculously rad and random conversations with strangers • finding the perfect present • hand-making Christmas decorations • snuggling up with blankets and a book • hosting dinner parties • fairy lights and candles • vanilla scented anything • re-creating and totally changing dishes I have enjoyed for my friends and family • the sound of Tuis • well organised closets • Australian Shiraz and Central Otago Pinot Gris • vodka martini’s with three green olives • open fires • fantasising about moving to New Orleans  white marshmallows • jumping in puddles • trying new things • playing records like some wannabe hipster • writing • bubble baths • making people laugh • sparkly things • feeling strong in body, mind and spirit • challenging myself • and cultivating an attitude of gratitude •

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